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ICLA connects cognitive linguists all over the world by sponsoring conferences, sponsoring a major journal and book series for relevant research, as well as other affiliated publication venues, keeping up a website and email discussion list, fostering regional affiliates, and generally providing a community for researchers in cognitive linguistics and others interested in such research. Because cognitive linguistics focuses on the relation of language to the human mind, including human cognitive and cultural models, it has natural interdisciplinary links with Psychology (both Cognitive and Social) Anthropology (both Evolutionary and Cultural), Sociology, Philosophy (especially via the study of categorization), and indeed, any field in which scholars study conventionalized knowledge systems (conceptual systems) deployed in human interaction. For more about the intellectual underpinnings and history of Cognitive Linguistics, see About Cognitive Linguistics.

Members of the ICLA receive the journal Cognitive Linguistics, discounted registration at the biannual ICLC conference, and reduced prices on cognitive linguistic books from our two sponsoring publishers, Mouton de Gruyter and John Benjamins, B.V. Click on the links below to get more information about ICLA.

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