Student scholarships

Launched by Maarten Lemmens, ICLA president (2013-2017), approved by the Board, March 2017

The ICLA aims at encouraging student participation in the ICLC. To that end, it offers substantial reductions to student participants (both member and non-members). In addition, it launches a new system of financial support in the form of scholarships to students who wish to attend the ICLC but have little or no means for funding. The amount attributed may vary in function of the estimated expenses but in any case be limited to maximally 400€ (within continent) / 600€ (outside continent) per applicant. They can only be used to cover costs for registration, travel and accommodation, based on student prices. Lunches, dinner, or other consumables will not be covered.

The decision for funding resides with the ICLA board members based on an assessment of the criteria listed below. The number of scholarships as well as the amount per scholarship may be adjusted depending on the number of applications.


In order to apply, one must meet the following criteria:

  • have a poster or oral presentation at the ICLC (no funding is available for mere attendance)
  • be officially registered as a student (copy of student registration or student card to be added to the application file) or be a post-doc without scholarship
  • not have any (or very little) funding; preferably, this is to be indicated via an official attestation from the institution (department, university, research centre, etc.) but can be by a signed personal statement
  • preference might be given to applicants from countries facing economic difficulties

Applicants need not be member of the ICLA neither at the time of application nor upon receiving the funding.


Applicants are to send their application (in electronic format, preferably PDF) to the ICLA President (Barbara Dancygier barbara DOT dancygier AT ubc DOT ca) and Secretary (Simon Devylder; simon DOT devylder AT semiotik DOT lu DOT se). The following documents are to be included:

  • short CV (max 2 pages), indicating stage of PhD progress, (estimated) defence date
  • letter of motivation (by the applicant)
  • tabular presentation of budget estimate (travel, accommodation, registration); this should include other possible (minimal) funding obtained or applied for
  • proof of being a student (copy of student registration, student card, etc.)
  • letter of attestation of non-funding by department or research center or in the absence of that, a (separate) signed statement by the applicant that no such funding is available.
  • support letter by PhD (co-)supervisor (or former supervisor for post-docs)


The deadline for application is [to be specified].


The ICLA board holds the right to change some aspect of the procedure should this be necessary or adjust the amount of the scholarship depending on the number of high quality applications. Applicants will be duly informed should this be the case.


If you have any questions, please contact the ICLA president and the Secretary.

Student scholarships